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develop strategic partnerships.

Being an executive leader has a lot of responsibility. You're never running out of things to do and building intentional relationships may fall to a lower priority. Before you know it, you’re not making new friends, you’re simply relying on the existing ones. Developing partnerships grows the brand, creates a footprint, and introduces fresh customers. Without partnerships, you will find yourself over saturating a customer base who already knows who you are.

build a social reputation

When you’re involved in the day to day details, it is difficult to think like a customer. But when a company can predict the desires and needs of their customer and cast a vision for how they meet those desires and needs - magic happens. For example - say there’s a product that encourages kindness in the home - the dream you are selling is not just that they will be kind children right now. The dream you are selling is that they will be kind teenagers. They will turn into adults who pay for the person in line behind them. They’ll make good parents, friends, siblings, neighbors. You’re raising kids with kindness that can change the world. So if we stop telling our customer what they need and instead cast a digital vision for how their life will be improved with us - we’ll get their attention digitally. Social media is the new word of mouth. And we all know how powerful a word of mouth recommendation can be.

start branding

“The reality is, the greatest companies in the world don’t sell. They brand. Think of Apple as a prime example… When, if ever, have you received an advertisement from Apple telling you to BUY their product? It never happens. Apple focuses on building a relationship that will last by deploying all of their energy into branding and showcasing how your life will change once you switch to iPhone. Their ads are about sharing an experience, about the simplicity and ease of use of their products. About how great it is to use the Mac. It’s all about branding.”-Gary Vaynerchuck

engage influencers.

We gotta not be afraid of using influencers. They can help tell your story to an engaged audience.

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  • current methods of customer acquisition

  • current methods of customer retention

  • social media strategy

  • influencer marketing

  • how you’re currently using email marketing

  • leverage of partnerships

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